Saturday, 7 January 2017

A New Feeder

We have a new bird feeder immediately outside the window where we sit and eat our lunch. It's designed so that only the smaller birds can access it, so blue tits, dunnocks and robins are the regular visitors - the not-very-bright chaffinch gang have yet to work out that there are big holes at both ends to allow access.

Those birds who have worked out how to use the feeder have been very pleased with it - that is, they were until a mouse moved in, causing some consternation.

The robin, who has been quite certain from the start that it is HIS feeder, almost bumped into the mouse, who had no intention of moving aside.

In fact, each time the robin came back the mouse was there, stuffing his cheeks with sunflower seeds, millet grains and other goodies and then scampering off, to reappear again within minutes to fill up with more.

In the end we had to chase the mouse away. He left very reluctantly, and was soon back again. Then we had a thought. Perhaps this wasn't one mouse, but a whole tribe of them.


  1. Hmmm... I had a whole tribe of rats who were eating my bird food. The solution we came up with was a rat feeder, aka Bait Box, which birds are not attracted to and which makes the rats eventually disappear. Good luck!

  2. Despite the fact that I -- regretfully -- haven't fed the birds for some years now, I have a mouse problem in the cellar. So far, since June, my very efficient "rat zapper" has made off with at least 27 mice. We've tried to mouse proof the foundation (crawl space and basement, partially rock wall and partly cement block) and have even blocked up openings in the eaves, the ventilation at the gables, etc. and still they get in. Mostly the white footed mice (which is what you seem to have) they are great carriers of Lyme Disease so I show them no quarter. Last night and this morning the zapper offed first Minnie and then Mickey so they are now outside in eternal bliss and without any regret on my part.

    I don't know what they are eating in the cellar (no food down there) but I fear for the electrical wires. They are certainly sleek, well fed, and very dry so they haven't been out in the blizzard/gale we are currently experiencing.

  3. What a brilliant idea, I think I'll make one of those as well!

  4. Yes, mice are very pretty but are persistent pests and, as you say, Ginny, one of the biggest worries is the house electrical wiring. We use old-style traps called Little Nippers which are very effective if a bit gory. So the next project will therefore be to make this feeder mouse-proof. Jon

  5. Just a pity that your cat passed away a few months ago.